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16 August 2011 @ 08:57 pm
Hurts, Zitadelle Spandau, Berlin, August 13th, 2011  
On Friday afternoon I went to Warsaw. With Meg we spent the evening doing nothing and checking Theo’s ass on tumblr. I was also stroking the cats. We went to sleep soon, as we were supposed to wake up around 5 am. When the time arrived, we got into a train to Berlin. The journey went good, but we were a bit worried about the weather, as it was raining in Warsaw and on our way we came across a heavy downpour. We entertained ourselves by writing rpg in the notebook. In Poznań we saw that Mia and Śmigło are getting to our carriage and we went to say hi. First thig Mia did was punching me in the face, as she was hugging Meg. Okayguy.png

We arrived, checked in the hotel, got ready and set off to the Zitadelle. And no, we didn’t get lost on the train station. Really. Ok, we did, a bit. But the nice lady from the tourist information explained us how to find the right platform.

After that we arrived to the venue without any problems. We got there around 3pm and there were about 50 people waiting in front of the gates already, which wasn't as bad as I expected. At first we went to the second gates to see if we could spot Theo, because he was soundchecking. We couldn't, it was too far and the trees were blocking the view. So we went back to the first gates and started waiting. It soon turned out that we were the prettiest there - and if I, fugly creature, admit that, it must be true. After about two hours we spotted Natalie with a group of #HurtsBitches, so I went to say hi. They went to the Zitadelle for a while and then came back to the gates. People started to appear and soon it became quite crowdy around us. Finally, about 6.30pm they opened the gates and we started to run, on the set pavement and gravel. It was difficult, but we made it to the third row which I concern to be a great result, as there were about 8000 people, and we were in the middle, which was also amazing. But again, I must say that the first row was so unpresentable! I know I sound rude but it's true, at least in our area. #HB's were the prettiest there!

Soon, the support bands started to entertain us. The first one, Lovers Electric, was ok, but a bit too sweet, if you ask me. The second, Firefox AK, was really nice, though.

After their performance the stage was prepaired for Hurts. Of course we freaked out when Adam's piano was rolled on stage xD We also had an incident with german bitches who didn’t like signs that some of our Bitches held. At some point I was seriously afraid that there would be a #BitchFight, as one of the girls snatched the sign from Mia’s hands and pushed Meg to the third row. I’m not going to talk about the whole signs issue, though, I just think they could react differently, not with such agression. Well.

Anyway, soon musicians started to appear on the stage and intro music began to play. And when Theo and Adam (in his Voldemort cape which he discarded at some point and I didn’t notice, lol) walked in the audience went mad. I couldn’t believe that there I was, seeing them again. Beautiful moment. And I swear, singing together with your beloved band is one of the best feelings in the world.

The setlist was as follows:
- Silver Lining
- Wonderful Life
- Happiness
- Blood, Tears & Gold
- Evelyn
- Sunday
- Verona
- Unspoken
- Mother Nature
- Devotion
- Confide In Me
- Illuminated
- Stay
- Better than Love

Honestly, I don't even know when the first six songs passed... Probably because most of them are my favourites and I'd prefer them to be played later. When Theo announced Evelyn we were all like 'omfg, what, already?!' Of course he was smashing the microphone, but for me he could even do the striptease and I wouldn't probably notice - this song belongs to Adam and he knows it. In general, Adam has become more flirty now, than he was half year ago. He was talking to his piano a lot, and eyefucking the audience (Meg claims that he eyefucked her!). Then came Verona. My heart ached, really, but Theo did good. IMHO he can sing it really well but I can't help it but associate it with Richard (although I missed him the most during Illuminated). It was amazing to hear Mother Nature live. It's one of my least favourite songs by Hurts and they didn't perform it in January, but I liked it in Berlin. There were glowsticks during Illuminated and confetti after Stay. The bis (Better than Love, traditionally) was preceded by dancers performance.

And that was it, three months of waiting and it was over. Having nothing better to do, we waited with Margaret hoping that maybe they'll go out, but nah, busy divas they're now, weep. We only saw Paul and the dancers. Post-gig depression hit me fast and hard. And I mean 'life-is-pointless-I'm-fugly-and-stupid-I'm-deleting-my-tumblr' hard. I haven't (yet), but this is a topic for another entry which I may create during another depression attack. Anyway, the fact that in less than two months I'm seeing them again helped me to snap out a bit. Because yes, I already have the ticket for the gig in Poznań in October.

The next day we did a little sightseeing walk. Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, Holocaust Mahnmal (ok, this one because Hurts had a photosession there, lol) and Potsdamer Platz. We were too tired to walk more so we went back to the train station, had a pizza, did some window shopping (and not only, I actually bought a pin and NME with a Hurts poster!) and talked for a few hours, mainly about music.

And here’s, basically, where our one-day trip came to an end. Because, you know, trains are boring.
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